Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'd rather be...

...reading something other than Brueggemann - I really don't get this guy.
...working on something other than my next marvelously exegeted paper. (That was a joke, in case my professors ever visit this blog!)

...walking with my beloved bearded spouse (even in the rain)

...playing piano, flute or singing (a heavy dose of blues or jazz, please)

...beating my girls in an all-out scrimmage of Scrabble (too bad Greek and Hebrew words don't count!)

...kicking back with a glass of the latest home brew (which is really very good!) and chewing the fat with our buds
...and a nap would be very, very cool (the cats agree!)

No more procrastination! Back to work!




Cathy said...

Playing Scrabble sounds good to me!

Leah said...

Hey, I love your list--maybe I'll post one over on this far by faith. Actually, a little procrastination probably would serve me well...