Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Five: Countdown Edition

From Songbird of RevGalBlogPals :
Last night my TV Boyfriend Keith Olbermann made some comments I really appreciated, and it got me thinking about what makes one person admire another. In the spirit of Keith's show on MSNBC, welcome to the Friday Five Countdown Edition.

Please count down five living people you admire and tell us a little something about why they make your list. These could be famous people or people you know personally.

WELLL.... I am feeling arbitrary and actually quite contrary. I am NOT picking TV personalities, starlets, politicians, or anybody that I have not talked to or known personally. I am also not going to be Politically Correct and join the daily politician-bashing pulpit pounders from either political stripe. PAH!

SOoo... having said that, you might wish to skip my post. A tired, cranky seminarian who can't get her Word plug-in to work for formatting two Turabian- style papers due in less than six hours, AND has PMS to boot can be a real (ahem) brat...

5 Myron Augsburger
who is Pastor Emeritus and the founding pastor of Washington Community Fellowship in DC. We were members there for several years. His byline was "The Third Way" which basically said that NEITHER Republicans NOR Democrats have it right. The "Third Way" is the way of Christ. None of us who are on the planet can perfectly imitate and follow Jesus. We just think we do. So --- I am learning to stop the flag waving and peace signs and mantras and slogans... and through his input, am learning to listen to Jesus.

4 Pastor Ruth who is one of my Spiritual Formation mentors. She was a woman pastor when women pastors REALLY weren't cool. She is bright, thoughtful, a mystic, a prayer warrior, and a great sounding board.

3 Dana and Carol, sisters of the heart. Can't explain it in words... I just am blessed.

2 My mom. She's the youngest octogenarian I know. She's computer savvy. She translates and reviews books for a genealogical group (out of old or new German? wow), she encourages, supports and finds ways to let me and my sibs and our families know that we are loved. She loved and lived through the slow demise of my dad with grace and faith. May I do so well.

1 My beloved bearded spouse. A patient, thoughtful, long-suffering man, exhibited with grace as his zany wife re-arranges the furniture, storage areas, garage, whatever (a sign I am in "deep think"), loving, caring and incredibly up for this idea that I would actually go back to school for full-time ministry.

OK, that's it from where I live. Back to these #@#*%& papers which will not edit themselves, blast it...



Anonymous said...

Whoa. Sounds like we need to go get a beer and chew the fat. ;)

But I like your honesty. Real people make the diff in my life, too.

rock with God

Sally said...

yes I had real people ( those I have an actual relationship with) on my list too.
Peace and blessings

Leah said...

I LOVE your list! Thanks. Maybe I'll make another one for my testimony blog.

Shawna Renee said...

Amongst all the seminary and PMS angst, you wrote a great list. Word sucks for any kind of papers. And DO NOT I repeat--DO NOT use Word to write a thesis.

I recommend OpenOffice's Word processing program--much, much better than MS Word.

Deb said...

Hi Shawna
Unfortunately, I have to use MS Word. I have no choice. The papers can't be done in knock-offs or the prof will not see the correct formatting when they open them.

However -
life goes on and these papers will get done, Turabian book in hand...



Marie said...

I LOVE your list. The way you write about people is a joy to read.

1-4 Grace said...

You have a cool list of folks. I have been thinkgin all day and can't narrow it down to five!
My mom would certainly be on my list also!
Melech wanted me to thank you for recommenign Greenies. He thinks they are the best and now turns hislittle nose up at any other treats. I started yesterday by buying a sample size pack and he is so into them, I had to buy a big pack today.
He readily does his entire set of tricks for them!
He thanks you from the bottom of his heart and with a big fat kitty kiss!

Tricia said...

I hear 'ya on Word woes - just last night I was trying (unsuccessfully) to print a file from a co-worker. Will your profs accept papers in PDF format? Or do they use Word's commenting features or something like that (for feedback purposes). 'Cause if they'll take PDF, you can use whatever program works.

[And like Shawna, I have had thesis woes with Word. Word insisted on generating so many postscript errors for my dissertation, that the printers who were going to print & bind were unable to complete the job. I had to print major sections at home and take them in to the bindery!]


revabi said...

Really good play in the midst of papers being due and pms.

You went to church where Myron Augsburger was Pastor. Now I am really impressed.