Tuesday, April 24, 2007

avoiding the subject

You've heard the metaphor for avoiding discussing a topic: "ignoring the elephant that's in the room" etc.

I have a new lovely one... "stepping over the cat hork on the floor."

Yes, I know it's lovely. Charming, actually.

However, as I thought about our 2+ day stand-off over "who" was going to clean the cat hork off of the floor, it seemed to me that there are many times that we all avoid doing something -- until we are shamed into doing it, forced into doing it, or draw the short straw.

It's made me ponder...

What is it about humanity that we are fast to judge but slower to act?
Quick to form an opinion but not to think of a resolution?
Does holding out from doing the gracious thing because it is "someone else's turn" make me more noble, or more stubborn??
Were any of us showing a servant Spirit? (no...)

So -- what could I have done?

I could have gently put a rag and cleaner in one of the other cat-lovers' hands and said, "Please clean that up. Now." Not complain. Or announce what I was NOT going to do. And definitely not proclaim my over-worked and under-paid status. ...or be self-righteous.

The defensive walls went up and no one cleaned it up. For 2 1/2 days... it didn't happen. Was that stupid or what???

Because sometimes, it seems to me, when we have to help other people get over other people's (or cat's) messes, we have to guide them through it. OR we can let them step around it and not deal with it until some "button" gets pushed. (Which in this case was an explosion by yours truly... so very unpretty!)

I'm sure there's a sermon in there somewhere. Especially since I didn't come out smelling so rosy on this one myself.

I hope next time I'll cough up (sorry) a little servant attitude next time.



Anonymous said...


I wondered how this little scenario of domestic tranquility would end.

Kudos to your honesty... and for not caving and cleaning it!


redmed said...

...well the shadows only show up if we're standing in the light.....

here's for stepping up
standing out (and standing up)

I figure we teach our progeny the best when we're honest about both our light and dark sides....

and as for our spouses, well that's more complicated, eh?

hugs to you