Tuesday, May 27, 2008

go figure

So... I took an on-line "spiritual gifts inventory" just to see what it would say. It's at least as accurate as any of the others I have had to complete. And yes, my primary gifts came out to: Pastor/Shepherd, Administration and Mercy. All was well and good until I got to the "comparison" charts...

Could the results from these comparison charts be skewed? Probably to some degree. Two factors to consider are 1) Results are not compiled from the Christian public at large but only those who are Internet users. 2) On the laity side, a much larger percentage of those taking the spiritual gifts inventory on-line are women (63.7%). Women tend to score high in the Gift of Shepherding because the characteristics of the gift of shepherding are very similar to the God-given instincts of mothering which comes natural to most women. Although many women have the gift of shepherding and it manifests itself in many areas of service, we believe women should consider this factor when evaluating whether or not they actually have the dominant gift of shepherding. They may want to also look closely at their second dominant gift.

Yes. That small primal scream you just heard was me! "Women" who have a "dominant gift" of "pastor/shepherd" probably aren't really gifted in that area???

I truly hate junk science. But this takes the cake.


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