Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring in the Back Yard

Dinner was still cooking. The humidity was low tonight, and the mosquitos hadn't started biting... so I grabbed my camera for a little photo journaling. It's a beautiful time of year in our back yard! Here's our new neighbors, the House Finches. They are busy feeding their hatchlings...

The peonies just popped open last weekend. This is a special plant to me because it was my grandmother's bush. We got a start of it from the family farm about six years ago. It's amazing how BIG the blossoms can get!

My favorite rose... a Peace rose! It starts out a gentle pale yellow, and gradually, as the buds open, adds deeper and deeper shades of pink to the petals. This one is just about at peak! And the smell! WOW.

Columbine... Fragile. Lovely. And the hummingbirds' favorite.

Climatis growing up part of our trellis. It is doing better this year, with more blooms and more vigorous growth, I think in part because the heat hasn't started with a vengeance yet.

A shot looking across the back yard. Wish you could have heard the birds singing as I stood and drank it all in...

Oh yes. One last photo. The first baby Anaheim Pepper!!! YUM. Salsa, baby!

It was a nice stroll while it lasted...



Presbyterian Gal said...

Those are some righteously beautiful posies!

Thanks for sharing them.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What beautiful photos. Thank you so much for the tour. Your back yard must be so very peaceful.