Saturday, November 29, 2008

Henry thinks I need help...

SUCH a helper...

Henry is sleeping in a shoebox near my desk so that I have "inspiration" while I work on the end-of-semester stuff... What I really want to do is nap with him.


NOPE! back to work!


mompriest said... must be nearing the end??of seminary???

I really do find it frustrating that you confront to much resistance to women's ordination...sigh...I hope you hang in there and become the disciple God is calling you to be! Ordained and presiding at the table, too!

Deb said...

No... just the end of the semester. I'm one of those who are in a church that does not require the degree for ordination. (since I was ordained last summer...) Currently on track for Aug 2010. Oy.

The resistance I face is a mixed bag. Some people are in-your-face "be-thee-silent-in-church" types. Those are easy to spot. What I find much more heinous are the folks who talk out of both sides of their mouths (if you KWIM...)

I am not choosing to obey God's Call for the warm fuzzies... as a pastor said who was counseling me about going to seminary "if you can do anything else, go do it."

I'm just grateful for RevGals like you who have BTDT and are part of the faithful cloud of witnesses...