Monday, November 10, 2008

It's a easy as...

It's as easy as... backing a trailer.

Recently I have been trying to be a writing coach and personal organizer to my progeny. The organizer part I can do. Well, sort of. The writing coach part, not so good. There's certain things that I do well, and seem to do them instinctively. How do you teach instinct? You don't.

Even if I give a step-by-step, there's really no substitute for experience, dang it. Practice makes perfect. Or may it should be "practice makes better rough drafts."

I just decided that this "writing" business is very much like backing a trailer. Anyone can do it, with enough practice, enough patience, and the right skill set.

It also helps if you know left from right... kinda like writing.


That's my story and I'm sticking with it!



Mary Beth said...

Girl...I am very challenged when it comes to backing a trailer.


Deb said...

I am too... that's the frustrating part. And trying to tell someone else how to do what you don't do? Yeah. SOooo much fun for everyone.