Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here's encouraging news...

As part of the "bubble" of "older" Americans (gee THANKS!) I find it invigorating that I am not obsolete. I have a voice and life experience that are needed. After being told (more than once) that I need to let "younger voices" speak, and being ignored in favor of younger (male) voices, I find that I have the God-given capacity to reach unchurched people who are in a lifestage past lattes and before Centrum Silver.

It's encouraging.
It's challenging.
It's why I'm still in seminary.
It's why my voice will not be silenced.
It's why I am losing patience with the last bastions of decision-makers who are not affirming of diversity in the Body of Christ.
It's why I am thinking I need to learn Spanish...

Read more about it HERE!


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