Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is it Wednesday already?

I watched history being made last night. It moved me to tears. Not that I want to pin all of my hopes on a political candidate, or even a political process. But because, in principle at least, there is a feeling of hope and promise that I have not heard on the political scene before.

In the 8 or so presidential elections I have voted in (I didn't stop to count, just did some rough math), this is the first time I've been optimistic. In previous elections, I was just reserved. "EH. I guess I'll vote for him. He's better than the other guy." This time was different. I felt like I had a choice.

I've talked with classmates and they were pretty set on one issue to decide their vote: "family values." I pointed out we don't live in a one-issue world. And that one issue will not determine economic growth, national security or environmental protection. I suggested that we are a "global family" and perhaps it is time to move off of the Reagan-era rhetoric, and start thinking beyond our backyards. That if we are going to limit family services, including pre-birth ones, that as a nation we have to deal with the results. That if we have families subsisting (barely) just above subsistence, that we have to think about how they will feed, clothe and educate their children past bare subsistence levels. And... as unattractive as this is, perhaps the Church needs to think more pro-actively about meeting the needs of those around Her.

I had naive imaginings that this could be a civil conversation. I'm smarter now. (And proud to be your sermon illustration of "what is wrong with..." LOL! )

Be angry if you must. Be frustrated if that helps. But don't sit on your whining morals and not be a part of the solution.

Because I already am.
Believing in a hope that come from God -- not politics!


Choralgirl said...

Hey there, Deb--

Yup, I feel ya. Thanks for trying to broaden the conversation about "family values" and single-issue voting.

Time we all started THINKING again. Today, I'm hopeful!

Mary Beth said...

Amen and alleluia! I got attacked by someone who said that it was shameful that I, as a leader in my church, was voting for Obama.

God loves her and wants me to love her too!!! :) I held on to that for several days while the mad went away.