Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm on Meet and Greet this week!

I'm on the RevGalBlogPals "Meet and Greet" this week...

1. Where do you blog?
at Another Unfinished Symphony (We also have 3 blogging cats... Henry and Tiria blog at Mouse + Cat = Blog and Polgara, our senior citizen feline, deigns to respond at The Duchess Who Outranks Everyone. (You have to have read David Eddings to get Polgara's blog title...)

2. What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs?
Becky, a friend, homeschooler and blogger
My orthodox friend, Debbi homeschooled up to 6 at one time (not worthy!!)
Emerging Women... and Beatitudes Society... remind me that I'm in this for an all-consuming purpose.
Christians for Biblical Equality has a blog "the Scroll"...
Fun ones...
Cake Wrecks...
The Buckeye Blog... and Block O Nation AND... TBDBITL... (because I do NOT get Buckeye coverage here in the DC area)

3. What gives you joy?
Family, Music, Friends and chocolate. Always Chocolate.

4. What is your favorite sound?
The surf on a "real" beach (no boardwalks, vendors, puke-rides... just the beach!)

5. What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates?
I love you.

6. You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone?
Deb doesn't live here anymore.

7. Write the first sentence of your own great American novel.
Shredding her Turabian handbook one page at a time, the new pastor in town puzzled over why the dogs were picketing the manse...

8. What color do you prefer your pen?
Black roller ball

9. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Sojourners, Christianity Today, Consumer Reports, and a couple of homebrewing ones I don't remember the names of (for the Bearded Brewer's enjoyment.)
(OOPS! I forgot Priscilla Papers and Mutuality from Christians for Biblical Equality!)

10. What is something you want to achieve in this decade?
Well, finishing my M.Div. and actually being employed as a pastor would be nice... to see our kids through college, beginning the settle into the places God wants them, and maybe, just MAYBE, renovate the kitchen before we move.

11. Why are you cool?
Don't know as I am. But then, I never really tried to be.

12. What is one of your favorite memories?
Those "newborn" moments when our girls were born.

13. Anything else you've always wanted to be asked?
Q. Why now?
A. Why not?


Mompriest said...


Sarah said...

Glad to get to know more about you! I also have to thank you for turning me on to the Cake Wrecks blog. I was perusing it today while I was on the phone (luckily with a friend, not a "business" call), and I almost laughed out loud several times. Have you seen the batman face cake? Hilarious!!!

Anyway, also wanted to thank you for commenting on my "Can We Talk?" sermon post. I would be curious to know more about the "talk bombs" your daughter is learning about, although I can definitely imagine what they are! I agree; we often reach those points where we feel like we've got to get away or we'll explode, and instead we should keep pushing through the dialogue...

DebD said...

What fun to read... and thanks for the shout out... that was so sweet! I also love CakeWrecks. Totally hilarious.