Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reformation Sunday Hymn

I somehow do not think that Martin Luther envisioned being remembered in song... (Hat tip to Ralph Hamilton!)

(to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman”)

Martin the German was a sorry, mixed up soul,
‘Cause he thought it odd that a loving God
Would condemn him straight to hell.

Martin the German even took a sacred vow
When a lightning strike nearly took his life
But St. Anne stepped in somehow.

It must have seemed like magic when
Old Habakkuk he found,
‘Cause when he read God saves by faith
He began to dance around.

O, Martin the German felt reborn again that day,
And he spread the word from old Wittenberg
All the way to Rome, they say.

Thumpitty thump thump, thumpitty thump thump,
Nail them to the door;
Thumpitty thump thump, thumpitty thump thump,
Hear those Theses roar!

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