Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dimmed Expectations

This cartoon from kinda said it all for me. I do not think I am going to make it as one of those perfectly prepared theologians. I am not gonna match up with what many people are looking for in a parson these days. For one thing, I like being around people, especially my family! But as my beloved pointed out, it's also the fact that I am an "ovarian carrier"!

The good news:
We had a WONDERFUL outing to the US Botanical Gardens today. A crisp, clear, breezy and cool day in D.C. is always welcome! And the glory - the BEAUTY - the Hand of our Creator everywhere we looked in the greenhouses and the displays - the orchids! -- all of the cacti!! - a total WOW. I had such an urge to offer up The Doxology as we walked out...

The bad news:
By deciding to join the fam, I am more behind on the esoteric exegesis I still need to read and comprehend. Reading Greek exegesis when one has not yet HAD Greek is a tedious process. I suppose if I had the languages already, it would be a piece 'o cake. But given the nature of the book, that might not be true...

The ultimate reason for it all:
My family. They get first dibs today, not last drabs. I head to seminary for a week-long modular class... and it was important we be together.

Besides, I am betting that the exegetical arguments that I read in this book will be less applicable in ten years than the memories we made today. It sure won't hit the pulpit at the church I am serving in now. Yet somehow I need to absorb it and create a 5P sermon out of my vast understanding for class dissection!??? (5P sermon = 3 Points, a Poem and a Prayer!) YUCK!

I am totally happy I went with the fam today.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it... and if you don't see much on my blog for the next week, it's because I am off being a Model Seminarian! (la la la la!)

From my interlinear to yours...

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