Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thou Shalt Make Back-Ups

"Thou Shalt Make Back-Ups!"

But today, I didn't. And two completed papers (short ones) and the best draft so far of my 12+ page-er are on a laptop that won't boot up. Suddenly. This afternoon. I suspect a software "update" did it.

Yes, I have anti-viral software (and use it).
Yes, I have a system-tweaker de-bugger for Windows (and use it).
Yes, I even have print-outs of the current versions of the papers....

In the grand scheme of things, this is small potatoes. My kids are healthy. My marriage is solid. I have a great support network.

The all-nighter required to re-type all these things on the computer "dinosaur" in the house is... priceless.



DebD said...

Oh, thats gotta hurt.

((hugs)) and several cups of strong cyber coffee.


mompriest said...

Oh yawn...I remember lots of all nighters while in seminary...typing papers. When I first started seminary - no computer...only a typewriter (think about it...and that was only 12 years ago!)...So, yes, yawn, lots of cyber coffee, or tea, or whatever it takes to keep you going...

Deb said...

The good news -- it's bootable in "safe mode" so I could copy the saved files onto a flash drive. I'll be in bed before 3!

The bad news -- we don't know why it went all hinky. Yet.

Windows. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


mompriest said...

Oh, good. I hope you got all you files and documents back and made that 3am bed time (yikes!!)...

Anonymous said...

Time to switch, Deb.

[PAM Mac-o-philes, ducking and running for cover :^]