Wednesday, March 07, 2007

with a mind like a sieve...

SOOooo much information... so little brainpower.

Hi from Regent, where the weather is chilly and the coursework is heavy!

I am supposed to be here. That I know. However, the writing and work is intense. The Spirit of God is all around though, and it is a blessing to be in the midst of so many who are intent on learning and growing into what God intends them to be.

The more I learn, the more I see how much I don't know. It's kinda like God's holiness. The more we see the holiness and purity of God, the more we see our own sinfulness, and the grace of God that saves us.

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. [I Peter 1:13]

God's grace abounds... may I simply live in it...



Valerie Fentress said...

I totally agree, and sometimes don't want to face the reality of my sinful nature.

Sounds like you're learning alot :)

best wishes!

Sally said...

keep on keeping o Deb- I understand what you mean I too have learnt alot, yet I'm only dipping my toe in the edge of the stream of knowledge, and entering into an ocean of possibilities