Monday, February 25, 2008

Fashion deja vu

Oh my. I gave them all away... and now I need them AGAIN????

bell bottoms
tube tops
halter tops
psychodelic prints
funky shoes
peace signs junk jewelry

I have to find an outfit by March 8th for a "Retro" night. I have to be honest and say (a) I didn't much like the fashions the first time around and (b) there is a reason why the style was called "hippy" not "twiggy" you know.


I've been to my usual second-hand haunts and have not found anything. This is not exciting.

Peace Out... Feeling Groovy...



Anonymous said...

I am struggling to find an outfit too! But I am thinking 80's.....

T J said...

Can't you just buy whatever is in the stores right now as "2008 fashions", and claim to be retro to the era when it was worn before?? :^)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Do you sew? You could get a pair of ginormous pants and sew them bell shaped to fit! Get a vest the same way and cut out colorful felt flowers and glue them on. The rest should be easy *looks to make sure Mindy's not listening* A clown wig would work! With a stretchy head band.

You kin do it!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Now a clown wig will NOT work! ~gives pg a look~

You can buy cheap afro wigs...bebo has one.

You could buy patches and sew them onto jeans. You can make your own beads.

I so wanna see the final product!!

Deb said...

The question is TIME... which I have none of between now and the date of the soiree. PG - just say NO to clown wigs... (though don't tell Mindy, but I do have a rainbow fro wig...)

Ah well. I could go as that 70s phenomenon... The Streaker!



Deb said...

See next post! :)