Monday, February 11, 2008

permission to be sick?

Maybe I am the only Type A pastor or pastor-in-training out there, but I don't think so. I have the flu. The down-in-your-bones, ache-all-over, cough-your-brains-out, fever-and-chills type. I keep taking my temp to see that I am really sick.

Beloved Bearded Spouse lectured me on RESTING. It's all I've done. I was feeling less than grand on Friday, but pushed through Saturday because I had appointments and obligations. By Saturday night, I felt so lousy, there was no "push" left. So I crawled into bed, sent messages to my appointments for Sunday via my family (who did go in to serve) and slept all day.

And I feel like sleeping some more (which I will do in a minute.)

But in a blinding glimpse of the obvious, I had to accept that pushing through to do the next thing "because I said I would" is neither healthy nor wise. But resting runs counter to my "go ye and do it" DNA. I don't know how to rest.

I don't think I'm the only person who fights this tendency... but I fretting a little bit about the classwork that is undone, and the people I can't care for, because I don't want to "share"...

So as I go collapse on the couch, pull up the afghan and have a cup of tea with honey and a cat comes to hold me in place... I'm praying I get well fast. And that I don't fret. I am not a good student of this RESTING thing.

Are you??



Presbyterian Gal said...

I so hear you about not being good at resting. I know for an absolute fact that if I were to stop for any reason at all, life as we know it would come to an ugly end!

Get better soon! (((Deb)))

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Take it from the gal who drove her mom to the airport 6 days after her c-section and then went to run tech at church that weekend...10 days after the c-section...I feel ya. ;) I hope you feel better! Much love to my flu-ridden type A buddy!
Sorry about the deleted comment. I'm an idiot. hahahaha

Althea N. Agape said...

Ah, but experience shows that if God's got a lesson for ya, best to learn it. Otherwise he'll keep signing you up for the same class...Again and again...

Rest, drink water, get well.

There are some really nasty ones out there this year (DH just got over a 103 fever).

Mandy said...

Oh goodness, I can certainly relate. I've tried to get better about not overbooking or over committing myself, but once it's on the books, I hate to cancel plans or back out of things, so I generally don't.

But we weren't there on Sunday either. I was working on a project for work that I wrapped up at 10 pm on MONDAY, and K really needed the sleep.

Hope you're on the mend, my friend!