Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Five: Options, Options

Sally from RevGals drew the short straw and has to come up with a Friday Five on SuperBowl Friday. She writes:

There is so much going on this weekend that I thought I'd provide an options Friday 5!!!!
[Note from Deb: the other option was about "saints" and stuff. I was going to explain how the Saints didn't make the play-offs...]

The Superbowl ( someone explain to this Brit the significance)-

Well, first, you have to understand what has happened to the American brain. It has mutated. (I would say "evolved" but I don't want to get kicked out of seminary.)

Laura Freburg noted this phenomenon on her blog earlier in the fall. I thought it was worth mentioning here. It appears that a part of American brains have been replaced. Here's the proof.

So, since it is scientifically proven, you can just relax and let us enjoy the game. 'K?? Here's Sally's easy Friday Five on the Super Bowl... it or hate it?
5 reasons please!!!!!
1. The commercials.
I may not remember the game, but I will remember the commercials! Remember the EDS "herding cats" commercial?

2. The pageantry.
I guess you have to love the spectable of football. Bands. Cheerleaders. It's in my Buckeye DNA.
Football creates some CRAZY fans!

3, The sports commentators.
We love collecting their inane analogies and comments!

This one is said almost every time:
"You know, these guys really came here to play football."

But I don't want to take away all the fun. Collect your own!

4. The game itself.
It's moments of deadly boredom and great excitement.

Kinda like life!

5. Sometimes, the teams. Though not this year, for me anyway. But it's still football! What are you gonna watch? Curling? I don't THINK so...

Sorry... that just don't sweep me off my feet.

Ready for football overdosing in less than TWO days!



Sally said...

Love it Deb- thanks for the pics, and the info... great advert, we have that one over here!

Presbyterian Gal said...

I Loooooove that herding cats commercial! LOL. Never saw it before.

Perhaps you might consider joining Mindy in helping turn me to the touchdown end of the force regarding football.

Great clips! And I DO like curling! Especially when I am having trouble falling asleep at night.