Wednesday, February 20, 2008

page 123

A Reader's Meme from Mindy:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook

(No cheating!)
OK! OK! But it's not very exciting... DD#1 is sick with the flu and I had it out to read about the alternative medicines for it (echinacea, medicinal belladonna and goldenseal, in case you wondered.)

Find Page 123.
Got it...

Find the first 5 sentences:
World War II impacted the development of clinical trials in a number of ways. Infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid were major killers in regions where soldiers were being sent to fight. Cinchona had almost been exclusively available from Indonesia, which was occupied by Japanese forces in 1942, thereby cutting of cinchona supplies. Nonfatal wounds often became infected and then caused death. Penicillin and sulfonamide, discovered prior to the war and shown to dramatically reduced wound infections, were available in only small amounts.

Feel free to play (uh... keep it G-rated) and let me know if you did. I know this wasn't exciting. Coulda been worse. Coulda been a Greek lexicon or something. hehehe



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~grins~ yours was just as exciting as mine was.

T J said...

Here's something to add a little interest: when we were in Costa Rica this past summer, we went to the La Paz waterfalls. The area around the river they are on was explored in part to find replacement cinchona! (but it didn't work out, because although the trees there have it (or a similar compound), it wasn't good enough [somehow - quality? quantity?] as a replacement.

The closest big book to me is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, maybe I'll play along, 'cause this could be entertaining :^)

Tricia at jonskifarms-dot-wordpress-dot-com