Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five: My Favorite Things

Songbird from RevGals writes:
In a week of wondering how various things in our family life will unfold, I found myself thinking of the way Maria comforted the Von Trapp children in one of my favorite movies. Frightened by a thunder storm, the children descend upon her, and she sings to them about her favorite things, taking their minds off the storm.

So, let's encourage ourselves. Share with us five of your favorite things. Use words or pictures, whatever expresses it best.

1. Photography: Capturing and creating images of things that I see, experience and learn about every day. Sometimes it is a fleeting picture out my window (like the "pink" snow at sunset a few weeks ago.) Sometimes it is a celebration or a family memory that I want to hang onto. But I really enjoy taking pictures and not really being IN them.

2. Music: If you haven't picked up on this by now, we don't know each other very well. It's what encourages me, refocuses me, and gives me joy. I love creating it, singing it, and experiencing it. I am a music snob (I admit it) so poorly done or out of-tune-music will drive me crazy. I do try to turn off my "inner music critic" but it's hard. I have a Steinway in my living room... it does not get the love and playing it deserves. I'm thinking I need to get back into the habit of pounding on THIS keyboard too...

3. A natural beach: The beach just not the same when there's boardwalks, T-shirt shops, restaurants and commercialization. I love the dunes. The sound of the birds. Finding a shell or shark's tooth. And having the loudest noise I hear be the wind in my face or the surf.

4. Buckeye Nation: Yes. I am a Buckeye. Win or lose. Always. I know the alto horn part to just about any Sousa march (hint - there isn't much variety!) and I love to belt out a variety of Buckeye songs. I'm ready for next season which opens on Saturday, September 5, 2009 in Columbus against Navy. And I will enjoy every minute of seeing the Midshipmen SINK.

5. This crew:
Bearded Brewer, Reedy Girl and The Harpist. I also love my extended family but the most recent picture I have of everyone is about 2 or 3 years old... So just imagine them all in there. They're definitely the top of the heap in my heart!

There you are...



Barbara B. said...

I am totally with you on the natural beach!!!

RevAnne said...

Love this play, especially re: the beach.
But, there's a great boardwalked beach near here. I love it because they have beach wheelchairs available so everyone (or nearly) can take a (st)roll in the sand and enjoy it.

Songbird said...

Your family is precious, love seeing the picture!

Jennifer said...

1-3: Amen
Amen to family, too!

#4: My daughter is nearly a Buckeye. Her hosemate at college is a huge she is becoming one, by association.