Thursday, October 05, 2006

Amish schoolhouse shootings

This information is from a friend who lives and works with some of the families involved in the Amish schoolhouse shootings... What is most striking to me is the call to prayer for forgiveness and grace to all those involved. I've never put something like this on my blog, but felt it is an urgent need and one that reflects the love and mercy of God...

With love and prayers... from our home to yours...



I work with an Amish barn building company based in Paradise, PA. While none of our crews' immediate families were killed, extended family members were killed and injured. In particular, Sylvan's cousin is in CHOP - please pray for her. Also, the Beiler's cousin’s (the Millers) two daughters were killed. They were 7 & 8, and will be buried together today. A foreman's close friend's sister is fighting for her life, as her widowed mother is trying to cope, and needs your prayers too. Several of you have been very kind with offers to help, and I have passed your wishes to my Amish friends. I now have ways for you to help. Two funds: Nickel Mines Children's Fund or Roberts Family Fund, Coatesville Savings Bank, Paradise, PA 17562

What has been incredible to witness is the strong faith in God that this community shares. They appreciate all prayers for them and the children, but are also asking for prayers for the Roberts family. They are very concerned for the gunman's wife and children. You feel a great sense of sadness, but also grace - God's grace and forgiveness- when you speak to them. I asked the Beiler's if cards or notes could be sent to the families. They thought the Millers would be uplifted know the English families were thinking of them, and most of all praying for them. Cards can be sent to: The Miller Family c/o Jane DelBianco, 835 Cherry Lane,Wrightstown, PA 18940

I will be delivering the cards next week, and weekly thereafter. Please feel free to forward this email to others. Many do not realize that the Amish do not have traditional medical insurance. Rather, they support each other and their medical bills through a common fund. They also do not accept traditional government assistance - even Social Security. The surviving girls will need help. Many, many thanks,



Shannon Kershner said...

Dear Deb,
I am a Presbyterian pastor in Texas and stumbled upon your blog from my friend (Reverend Mother)'s blog. Can I pass this address for cards on to my congregation? Would that be too much? I will hold off until you let me know. My email address is

Thank you!
Shannon Kershner

Deb said...

I'll email you, Shannon, but I wanted others to know too -- yes, please send cards. Cards that are home-made and simple, cards from kids, and especially FAMILIES will speak volumes.

God is in control... even when humanity doesn't believe it...