Friday, October 13, 2006

of Bloganalities and other things

My Spiritual Formation class has been draining this week. Partly it is the process of self-analysis/dialysis over my present strengths and weaknesses, coming up with vocational goals, physical and social traits, etc etc etc...

So, because I am tired of all that, here's some things that are much more fun (and interestingly, also true... Well, maybe not the LAST one!)

My Bloginality is ESFJ!!!

My Personal DNA: "Benevolent Director"

My German Name: Ilse Tatiana?
Your German Name is:

Ilse Tatiana

OK, OK... I'll get back to studying...

From our home to yours...


revabi said...

Too funny.
Hope you got the break you needed.

Sarah said...

I am usual...although I am pretty fairly evenly split between intuitive and sensory. I can test either way at any given time because it's so close.

I LOVE personality stuff, it's super-fun! I hope you had a good time away from the craziness.

Hey, Jeff and I were talking about having you guys over for dinner! Is there a time that is better for the fam than other times?

Love ya!

Sarah said...

oh...and I'm a benevolent creator :) Thanks for the distraction! heehee