Saturday, October 14, 2006

Don't Go There!!

Problem: Car will not start. Key will not turn in ignition. (Yes, the battery is fine!)
Solution: Call towing service that is FREE with "unnamed-road-and-map-service-company" membership.
Results: One lock cylinder, two car keys
Cost: $600
Why: We called the "free" towing service. They arrived, took a large hammer, put the key in the ignition and WHACKED the key. Yes!!!!! Now the key turns. No.... no.... The key is bent. BAD key. Bad, BAD key!!! Car is towed in to company of our choice (NOT the place of the towing company's!!!) for a new lock cylinder. New keys. 5 hours of time. $600. Yuck. Well, that credit card HAD been paid off.

Lesson #1: Never trust a towing company that is paid by the call, not the mile.
Lesson #2: "Free towing" never is.
Lesson #3: When someone who is not even trusted to drive a tow truck suggests how to fix your car, ignore them.

With a horse, at least you have something to put on your garden...


From our home to yours...


Anonymous said...

LOL... "unnamed-road-and-map-service-company" Hmmmmmm..... now just WHO might that be???

Never heard of the bash-the-key-with-a-hammer trick. That's a new one.

Sorry it cost so much to fix an ignition. What a bummer...


revabi said...

Oh no. what an expereince. Were you ready to whack his head or fingers?Hope all is straightened out now.

Tricia said...

they're going to hold you responsible for that repair? i can't believe it!

Deb said...

Well yes, since the ignition was not working properly anyway... sigh...