Thursday, October 05, 2006

Creative Procrastination

I liked the way that Reverend Mommy described a task she did not want to do... She called it "the housework motivation factor". Except that my version of "creative procrastination" is more accurately called "declutter the odd corner motivation factor" or "pet the cat and daydream factor". Nice excuses... but the work still has to be done.

I am without excuse this time. And I'm not reading anything so profound as William James! No, my purposeful and creative avoidance activity is because I am SUPPOSED to be writing a reflective essay on what I have been learning from Robert McGee's book, Search for Significance. And the specific topic I am supposed to be writing about is "shame". I can't bring myself to put the words down. Huh. Now I just wonder why that is? (NOT!)

Shame - believing that I am not good enough, smart enough, or able to overcome my past or my mistakes.

Grace - offering a place to leave the past ("as far as east is from the west") and be renewed and regenerated.

I know which one is more attractive and more positive in terms of my life, ministry and spiritual growth! I know which one has the power to bind me as well. And maybe that's why I can't get the words on paper...

From our home to yours...

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Lorna said...

search for significance was an eye opening for me.