Tuesday, October 03, 2006

where were you?

We were in "almost heaven" and I mean that! (To be specific, Dolly Sods, in east-central West Virginia.)

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The quiet... enough wind in the trees to feed my husband's heart, and enough activity to make even the most extroverted of us at peace...

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The beauty... the leaves are just starting to turn in the lower elevations and were popping out like mad at around 4000 feet...

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The peace and quiet... we did give out our phone number to the cat sitters and one relative, and no one else could find us! No cell service! No email! I didn't touch a book, write a paper or craft a single paragraph on assignments that are due this week. And it was grand.

Instead, we laughed much, listened more and walked a lot.

Good stuff...

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I heard Your voice sing through the trees.
I watched Your hand ripple the leaves.
I laughed with Your river slipping over the rocks.
I danced with the hawk in Your clear blue sky.
I whispered Your Name with the trail of the moon.
You are...
My Lord,
My God,
My Creator and King.
Alleluia for the falling leaves,
for time flying past in a whirl.
Alleluia for the songs You sing
in a world that's forgotten You...
I sing...

Sing with me, won't you?

From our home to yours...



DebD said...

Ahhh, Dolly Sods. One of my favorite places this side of heaven.

Glad the weather held out for you. It is so truely wonderful to take a walk in the woods and not see a single person all day.

Hey, thanks for visiting my site and commenting - you're so sweet.


reverend mommy said...

You need to join the RevGals.

Deb said...

Ah, but I have. My code got deleted with the change in templates. I'm working on that at the moment...