Friday, October 20, 2006

Paperdolls for Darfur

Kids take the lead...

Read about some seventh graders in Highland Park, Illinois who have started a Paperdoll Campaign to remember the victims of genocide in Sudan. There's an easy pattern to download. We're cutting some out and will be sending them along. How 'bout you?

Grateful for peace in our neighborhood...
From our home to yours...

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Jay McGinley said...

And the children shall lead them - Santa Clara studenst below too.

Your mentioning Darfur in your blogging is imperative. And as doubtless you have noticed, blogging volume regarding Darfur has plummeted. Thank you for your efforts.

We are hopelessly stalled in Saving Darfur. But it is only hopeless if we-the-citizens continue to be bystanders risking little or no cost to ourselves.

Please help promote what must fast become our role models; nothing less will stop the Genocide:
DARFUR HEROES: Santa Clara Univ Vigil & Fast

More Darfur Heroes at DARFUR Dying for Heroes

Thank you, Rosemary, Dave, Mary Rachel, Jay coming up on week three of
Rescue Darfur Fast-Till-Genocide-Stops