Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clutter: a problem of competing philosophies

Words of wisdom from somewhere ended up in my email today...

The Minimalist says:
"We already have one, so out it goes!"

The Miser says: "What if the first item breaks? We are trying to save money, so we'd be wasting money if we had to replace it."
The Martha Stewart says: "We could do something really cute and creative with it!"

The Charitable side says: "Let's donate it to Goodwill!"

The Anxiety Side says: "What if we get rid of it and decide we needed it?"

The Organizer says: "We haven't used it and forgot we even had it."

The Procrastinator says: "Let's put this aside and think about it later."

The Chocoholic says: "Forget this whole project. I want chocolate."

Now just guess which one I am???



Leah said...

Hi Deb--I'm all of the above, but make mine Mexican rather than chocolate. Fun blog!

Tricia said...

I'm a procrastinating anxious chocoholic miser. Although when I do finally move beyond that nature, I am charitable!