Sunday, July 08, 2007

Foot Notes

Reedy Girl's birthday party has caused me to think about feet. You see, I did not remove the fancy-schmancy foot decor that the girls helped me create for my feet before church this morning. (PeaceBang might not have approved.) But it was fun, and besides, there are perks to going to a casual, contemporary kind of church!

However, this week I was on the worship team. I prefer to play keyboards barefoot. (NO - not WITH my feet, IN bare feet!) It comes from too many years of practicing in bare feet, I guess. It's just more comfortable to play in bare feet, or flats, than heels. Especially with the foot pedal. I never gave it much thought. It's just my habit.

Then one of the couples leaving church Sunday morning laughingly said to me, "I see you aren't barefoot since you put your flip flops back on!" As we joked about my barefoot rock'n'roll, the husband said, "Oooh! How funny! Your feet have their Sunday best on, too!" As I shared the story of Reedy Girl's birthday, and we had a good chuckle, it struck me that there are parts of our bodies we often neglect, or at least, leave for last.

I'm not much a fashion diva. (If you know me at all, that's no news flash!) Reedy Girl often coordinates or suggests improvements to my outfits. And frequently she suggests changes to my footwear.

Feet. If you think about it, they look kinda funny. Relatively hairless (unless you are a hobbit or have mutant hairs on your toes...) and with mini-sausage-shaped appendages. They get dirty. Rough. And occasionally smelly.

I just don't think much about my feet. Unless they hurt. Or I trip on something. Or when the new shoes I am wearing suddenly start to rub holes in my skin. They are on the end of my legs. They get me places. They don't dance well. They hate high heels but love toe socks!


Every hair on my head is numbered (and graying) and, for the moment, every toe on my foot is quite bedecked and decorated...

Nothing profound today... humor me!



Diane said...

I like this. However, my feet hurt more than they should (after a few hours standing up at worship).

"how beautiful are the feet..." but mostly, we don't think they're beautiful.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This was so fun!