Monday, December 01, 2008

Commercial break...

Had to post this... because, who'da thunk it??

It's legit. It's from WeCanSolveIt.Org

While Reverend Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson have different views on most issues, when it comes to the urgency of protecting the planet, they agree.

"I am honored that Al Gore asked me to be a part of this campaign urging people to take care of the planet," Robertson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network. “It's just common sense that we ought to be good stewards of the environment and do everything within our power to protect this fragile planet that we all live on."

At the taping of this clip on Virginia Beach, the two joked and prayed together. If these polar opposites can come together on this important and moral issue, why can't you?

Please join more than one million others who know it will take all of us coming together to solve the climate crisis.

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Presbyterian Gal said...

What an awesome and inspiring video! Thanks for sharing it. Right on!