Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wednesday - Blog Comment Day

Hey! If you're here, why not leave a comment?

(You know you want to.)

Just to make it more fun... you can respond to this poll:

1) If I were to dye my hair, what color would most embarrass my kids? (Don't worry, I won't wear matching spandex. Just go ahead and delete that mental image. I'm sorry.)
2) Which is the worst Christmas song you've ever heard?
3) Is God REALLY bigger than the Boogie Man?
4) Will I have a Blue Christmas without you?
5) Do you believe yet that the end-of-the-semester is quickly robbing me of my sanity?

I leave you to respond with your enlightening comments.

Ever the serious contemplative one...



Anonymous said...

It's not Wednesday yet, but I'll comment anyway.

1. A pukish green.
2. The current free "discovery download" at iTunes! Or else that Grandma got run over by the Reindeer one.
3. Of course! Everyone knows the boogie man fits under your bed. But then again, God lives in us... :^)
4. Have you yet? Didn't think so.
5. Of course. That's what ends of semesters are all about. Sanity robbing. They need something to restock the professors' supply. (And University libraries are stores of knowledge: first years come in knowing everything, graduates leave knowing nothing. They leave it all behind in the library...)

Ruth said...

1. Blue.
2. Hmm, I'll have to think about that one more.
3. Yes.
4. Probably not, since you've never met me.
5. It seems so. My semester is ending, too, so I can sympathize.

QuakerPastor said...

1) scarlet and gray
2) I want a hippopatamus for christmas
3) Oh I hope so
3) No Just a little lighter on the scarlet and gray
5) NOPE--you're doing remarkably well at keeping your humor and perspective.

DebD said...

LOL - Or, we could comment and tell you to get back to the books ;) But, that wouldn't be as much fun.

Enjoy all the comments today.

Lisa Laree said...

1) Hot Pink
2) 'The Christmas Shoes'. The radio goes OFF if that song comes ON; I've been known to walk out of stores when it began on the PA. Followed closely by 'I Want a Hippopotamus' and that unending song about the guy that runs into his old girlfriend and goes for a couple of drinks with her before going their separate ways.
3) Absolutely.
4) I hope you have a White Christmas without me ;)
5) LOL!!!! Of course!!! But I still hope to return to school myself someday....

Mary Beth said...

1) electric blue
2) the dogs barking Jingle Bells one
3) So much bigger, you can't imagine
4) you wouldn't try, so not to worry
5) pretend it's not true

Mr ReRe said...

1. Electric Blue. You could be a REAL "Blue Hair"
2. "Christmas Eve in Washington". America's Hometown. Yeah, right. BLECH.
3. YES. But I'm not positive if he's bigger than Godzilla. Although GOD is at the beginning of Godzilla. Hmmm. What does that even mean? I'm sure it means something.
4. You definitely will if you take my advice in Questiob #1.
5. Sanity is over-rated. Just remember, "In a world gone mad, it's madness to be sane." -Wm Shakespeare.

cheesehead said...

1. I'll go with blue. Really bright blue.
2. Christmas Shoes. By far.
3. You betcha.
4. Heck no. I'm just a blog post away.
5. Probably. But I'd say you're right on schedule.

Songbird said...

I don't know how easily they embarrass, but I'm thinking a hot pink stripe might do the trick. I personally covet a purple so dark it is nearly black.

Anonymous said...

Now that it's Wednesday I can officially comment :^). So here is a second round on some of the questions.

1. Or maybe maize and blue, because I know that secretly, in your heart of hearts, THAT is your favorite color scheme. (Not yellow. Maize! :^)

2. How about these chickens over at payplay?

1-4 Grace said...

1. Deep purple or any shade of pink
2. It is a toss up between the Little Drummer Boy and The Shoe Song....oh and the Carpenters stuff.
3. God can beat up the Boogie Man, but also loves the Boogie Man and will not beat him up and so he is BIGGER
4.well, yes, or no...in S. America, to be "blue" means to be happy and "rich". So, maybe or maybe not depends on how you view things.
However, i can promise you that your holiday would be more fun with me there.
5. Yes, your mind is the first thing to go when you are a minister, you are just gettign an early start. Smart women!

CJ said...

Bright, hot pink.
Little Drummer Boy almost makes me gag.
Yes. I but the Boogie Man in a box when I was 8. :)
"IDK, my BFF jill?"
Yes. Most definitely yes.

Deb said...

Ooohhh it is SOOO tempting to do shades of pink and blue. Really.