Thursday, December 11, 2008

weight of waiting

It's been a gloomy day here. Lots of rain, more coming and the promise of a "wintry weather mix" in the early morning hours. We are waiting to see what really develops in the next storm system. Is it going to be icy, snowy or just a cold walk to the school bus? Who knows?

In the final push to finish my semester, I was thinking about this "waiting" that the whole world must do - the first Advent came at a time of military occupation and high taxes. It was as though the tension was pulled to a breaking point. Today there's the yearning and groaning... the fighting and political posturing... and that's not even including the pain of Wall Street these last few months!

So when I saw the raindrops gathering, pooling and forming droplets off of the branches... I thought, "even nature is waiting, too."

come, Lord Jesus, come...


1 comment:

Singing Owl said...

Lovely picture!

I find myself longing for that second advent this year--more than ever before.

Don't work TOO hard. Blessings as you finish up. I remember those end-of-semester pushes!