Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five: Countdown to Christmas Edition

Songbird writes:

It's true.
There are only five full days before Christmas Day, and whether you use them for shopping, wrapping, preaching, worshiping, singing or traveling or even wishing the whole darn thing were over last Tuesday, there's a good chance they will be busy ones.

So let's make this easy, if we can: tell us five things you need to accomplish before Christmas Eve.

1. Get the tree up and decorated. (Tomorrow afternoon.)
2. Set up creche. (Maybe this afternoon.)
3. Shopping for presents. (Note to listless progeny: do you want socks? underwear? a tacky sweater with blinking lights? it's all you will get unless I get a LIST presto-pronto!)
4. Bake cookies. (Saturday and Sunday)
5. Decorate rest of house. (whenever)
5b. OOPS. Christmas dinner! What are we having? Who is coming? ack ack ack!!!!
5c. DOUBLE OOPS! I have a sermon to write for the 28th!

Things I probably won't get to until after Christmas: Christmas letters, cards; mailing anything to family (we are doing a simple Christmas).

But one thing I don't want to forget... Merry Christmas and peace to you and yours...



RevDrKate said...

Got a giggle from #3. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Songbird said...

My kids are woeful at suggestions, too. Hope they like what *I* picked out!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

hee hee i love the kitty photo... mocha java "decorated" the living room today with some sort of barfish surprise... augh!

QuakerPastor said...

Go Deb Go!!! GO Bucks as well!