Saturday, January 24, 2009

Completely and utterly amazing...

It's just one of the greatest things I get to do...

This morning we had a team meeting for the Chrysalis team that I'm serving on for a February weekend. It's not my first team since I've been on Emmaus teams, but it is the first time I've been a Spiritual Director (or SD for short) and my first Chrysalis team.

Teaming and weekends usually involve celebrating Communion together. While we are welcome to have youth or adults serve it to the rest of the team, as an SD it's a special privilege to be able to offer them the bread or the cup, to lead the communion meditation, and speak the words of institution and administration. I pray I never get over the blessing I have to be able to do this simple act; women for centuries have been denied a place of officiating at the Communion table.

Many times as I look in the eyes of my friends, either on team or other places where we gather, I see the same joy, the same amazing wonder in my own heart. They seem to be lost in the wonder of the same inner "conversation" with God...

...for me, Lord?
yes. for you. spite of all I've done?
because of Whose you are.

...will I ever be able to express it in words?
it's OK if you don't -- I love you.

Most of the time, the church where I'm a staff member does a less intimate Communion experience by passing the trays of juice and bread. It's not "wrong" -- it's just different and it fits the setting where we are, and the people we minister to each week. So when I have the opportunity to share in this simple celebration with others, I appreciate it all the more.

This morning, the joy and intimate Presence of Jesus was so very near... there's just nothing like it.

Thanks, God, for letting me be a part of it...



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This made me cry. I will never ever forget the communion on my walk.

Mary Beth said...