Friday, January 23, 2009

Say it isn't so!

I enjoyed the John Williams' arrangement of the tune Simple Gifts. Despite the snarky reviews in the Washington Post, it was lovely, uplifting and joyous as befit the occasion. So imagine my surprise when I read this morning that the "performance" at the inauguration was TAPED!

Yes it was.

They played (physically played) their instruments. But they were not amplified for the broadcast because the cold temperatures would have made their instruments go out of tune. I wondered how they managed to play "live" and in tune. And I still shudder at having priceless instruments out in the cold, dry air. I was told that they had space heaters to keep their instruments in tune. Uh huh.

Now we know.

But even taped, it was glorious. And, FYI, it's not on iTunes yet. I'm waiting.



Erica said...

Just popping by from CWO Blog Roll. I liked the title of your blog, so I thought I would stop in.
I too enjoyed the music at the inauguration it was lovely.

I think I might continue reading your blog :)


Presbyterian Gal said...

Thank goodness they didn't pull an Ashlee Simpson!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't mind so much that it was taped. Because, after all, the recorded version was them - it's not like they were play-syncing to someone else's music.

Lisa Laree said...

I wondered about the cold air on those instruments too!!

And I loved the piece. Didn't know there were snarky comments about it. Ah, well....