Monday, January 19, 2009

Cooking EHxperiment

I was given a large Fennel bulb and stem. One daughter commented that it looked like celery on growth hormones (or with a grass transplant.) True. It's a bit unusual. I decided to Google a recipe for Fennel and Potato soup. We tried it.

The ingredients:

(NOTE: It was sadly lacking in spices, so I added salt, pepper and garlic.)

Cooking in the stock pot:

Pureed and ready to be returned to the pot:

The finished product, served with tomato-basil focaccia bread:

The Verdict:
"Tastes like gooey mashed potatoes."
"Looks like glue from art class."
"Needs more garlic."
"I liked the bread." (thanks... it came from Trader Joe's...)

As cooking experiments go, it was more of an EHxperiment... mostly non-toxic. And possibly repeatable. But more garlic next time. Definitely, more garlic.



Presbyterian Gal said...

I can't imagine fennel in soup. I like it in a salad. Chop the bulb up into 3/4" squares, add orange sections, candied nuts (slivered almonds or pecans), green onions and lettuce of choice (a bit of arugula is also very nice mixed with the greens), salt and pepper. Toss in 3 parts vinegar (Trader Joes has a great orange vinegar) and 1 part olive oil to dress. Yummy.

(to sugar nuts: put 1/2 cup of nuts into non stick pan. Add 3 tablespoons of sugar or more or less to your taste. Cook over low medium heat, stirring constantly, till sugar melts and covers the nuts. If the nuts start to smoke, remove from heat, turn heat down then return pan to continue cooking till done)

Deb said...

WEll... I was going to make a salad but all of my salad greens and etc were, shall we say, growing things.
SO. soup.

Salad next time.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have never had fennel. Doesn't it have a licorish (sp??) taste?

Deb said...

I think cooking the whack out of it took that zingy taste away. I'm def going to do a salad the next time because the soup was definitely "eh"!


Mary Beth said...

I made roasted winter veggies (acorn squash, carrots, parsnips) with fennel recently. First time to ever have fennel. Tasted kind of like licorice which I don't like. I'm kind of meh on it but it was ok for a change. And it was purty!