Friday, September 26, 2008


I heard about this from my good friend Mandy, and thought, "oh, it's just the SBC and Lifeway being chauvenists again." And I let it slide. I can't get worked up over every differing opinion out there.

But then a long phone conversation with someone who is NOT a church-goer and does NOT have a positive view of Christians in general made me go read up a bit more. Apparently they are keeping it "under the counter" so that if patrons request it, they can buy it. They don't want to lose a buck. But they don't want to promote the "wrong" opinion.

It is simply amazing to me... it's OK to vote for a female VP but not OK to have a female pastor teaching and preaching and caring and serving your own congregation.

Someone, somewhere, needs to get a clue.

I have never bought this magazine. I'm about to go buy a copy!

Remind me to keep singing. Because that's the only way I keep my heart in the right place...


P.S. Check out the God's Politics article on this kerfuffle by Mimi Haddad!

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T J said...

Are you going to go buy it from a Lifeway store, just so you can kerfluffle a little? :^)