Thursday, September 11, 2008

MARK in one sitting

I have joined a group of people (on Facebook, actually) who are reading through the Gospel of Mark in one sitting each week. It takes about an hour (or less if you are a speed reader.) Feel free to join in...

My thoughts from last week (Sept. 1-7):

I have noted the phase "and immediately" over and over again in the past, but this week it took on new meaning.

It seems to me that this means doing with joy and obedience whatever one is asked to do next. In Mark's Gospel, it was the response of the healed, the disciples, and especially Jesus. No whining! Following and knowing that walking where God wants there is nothing but joy!

And it's just like God to put the obvious in front of my eyes... It is completely and totally applicable to my situation with many more credits to go towards my M.Div, facing life's questions honestly, wanting to be the best wife/mom/coach/Christ follower I can, and seeking to put my life always in God's hands...


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