Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poetry Party: Anticipation

Christine from Abbey of the Arts has this invitation to her latest Poetry Party:

I found myself pondering last night what this week’s theme should be, waiting for inspiration, when I saw sweet Tune waiting at the bathroom door across the hall from my office. My husband was behind the door and she was in eager anticipation of her evening walk. Luckily my camera was close at hand, but seeing her sit there so patiently, yet full of expectation, touched something in me. I have been pondering doors a lot lately with some of that to appear here on this blog. Often we wait at a threshold and the door has yet to be opened. That space of waiting can be one of the most difficult, and yet often the most necessary of times.

For what are you waiting with eager anticipation? You might speak from your own voice in the poem or that of a dog full of hope.

Life's full of questions that God hasn't answered...
I am
Full of hope, yet not without promise.

Hurt and in pain I seek to live by God's power...
I am
Full of wonder, while not without doubts.

Wanting, needing answers to all my uncertainties...
I am
Resting expectantly, but not without fears.

Depending on God for my life's direction...
I am
Peaceful in the wrestling, heart nestled in Grace.


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Abbey of the Arts said...

Beautiful words Deb, so heartfelt. Thank you for your offering to the Poetry Party!