Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And D is for....

I was tired of the usual. How about a semaphore?

Dad... I was given a great one. I married someone is also another great one.

December... Probably my favorite month of the year. It's crazy-busy in the church world, but it's my favorite liturgical season, and I love the lights, the stories, and the decorations.

Deciduous trees... I love the changing view out my window, the bare limbs in winter, the buds in the spring, the full green canopy of summer, the changing leaves in the fall. Evergreens are OK, but I love my deciduous trees!!

Despair.com... Strange one, I know. But they help me follow the 11th Commandment: "Do not take thyself so seriously!" One of my favorite posters of theirs is THIS one!

Daily Bread... I have been enjoying a slow read through the New Testament. I'm in 1 Corinthians now. It's been a gentle, easy way to walk through the Scriptures. So much of my studies are intense, fire-house quantity of information. Taking it S-L-O-W-L-Y has helped me keep myself fresh. I read my devotions in either The Message or a contemporary version so that I am not doing Greek in my head or other analysis. Just a slow, deep, steeping in the Word. Gotta have it!

Dreams... I have them. I'm grateful for the ability and opportunity to pursue them...


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