Monday, August 10, 2009


J is for.....

JAYS - they make my kittehs happy. Nothing like a little live entertainment for a bored housecat to keep peace in the ranks.

JAVA... OK, I put Coffee under "C" and this is kinda double-dipping. But I do enjoy a GOOD cup of coffee in the morning. Just one big mug. I actually am decaffed the rest of the day. It's the smell as much as the taste. Right now we are drinking coffee from a ministry in Nicaragua. Wonderful stuff - and buying it invests in the ministries our church supports there.

JOB... My husband has a steady job. I have a job as a TA which of course is not for the big bucks. But it is a job. Even The Harpist was given a work-study job as part of her financial aid. There aren't enough jobs to go around. I'm grateful.

JUSTICE... Yes, there are still wrongs and prejudicial decisons and laws made in the US. But we have a greater chance for true justice to be lived out in this country than in many around the world. It's not a small blessing.

JUICY BERRIES... Oh mannn!!!!!! LOOK at these puppies! They were being closed out from a roadside stand yesterday. Four pints were mine for $2.50! They exploded with juice when we ate them on cereal this morning. Dead ripe, juicy, sweet-tart blackberries. There will be a whole section of heaven with blackberries in it. I'm sure of that!

Having a very JAZZED day -


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Mompriest said...

beautiful blackberries yummy!