Thursday, August 27, 2009

She is now... A JOHNNIE!!

A Johnnie Chair!

It's official... Yesterday, The Harpist officially became The Johnnie!

We were up at a ridiculous hour to be at registration close to 9 a.m. Since St. John's is not too far away, we didn't see the point in paying for a wretched night's sleep at a motel. We skirted the D.C. Beltway traffic and took a circuitous route towards the east, arriving with the humidity close to 80% and the temperature already close to 90.

Her dorm is one of the oldest and is over the dining hall (naturally - freshmen always get the dregs...) It overlooks the front lawns where croquet matches are held, the river on the other side and the quad on the other. There's no elevator, so move-in and life on campus means lots of steps.

St. John's always begins with a Convocation - each entering student is called up to the stage and signs the official register. In the opening address, the president listed all of the "friends" he had made in his lifetime... mentioning books and authors! (And as he said, some of them are even still alive.) It was an engaging, happy day. The school is unique. The curriculum is amazing. Bearded Brewer and I are a bit envious! Of all the schools we visited and she considered, it is obvious she is in the right place.

Signing the Register - sorry it's a blurry pic from my camera phone...

So... she's going through orientation today, with her first seminar this evening. It's exciting and rewarding to see her take these big steps.

Here's.... our Johnnie!

Celebrating the ride...



QuakerPastor said...

Just as long as she remembers who to root for on football Saturdays!

Deb said...

Ah.. no fear of that! Navy is just across the street you know, and she has her Ohio State shirt ready for September 5th!