Saturday, August 08, 2009

H IS FOR......

H is for.......

Harshes... I'm one of many. And I love them all dearly.

Home... I am truly blessed to have a safe, lovely place to live, with people that I trust and am secure around. I know of too many people who could make that statement. It's humbling. I want to be more aware of this particular blessing.

Hope... I am constantly amazed at the HOPE that God pours into my heart and life. Reminders that there is so much more to my existence than what is known and seen outwardly. And a future that does give this deep-down peace.

Henry... He's a good kitty. He's fun, gentle and a very VERY good purrer. And he is very good at holding down my papers when I am trying to write.

Harpist... It's a treat to have someone who can play such a beautiful instrument. We will miss our Harpist next year when she goes to college, but are cheering her on for her next big adventure.

Husband... God blessed me with a great one.


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Mompriest said...

A cat named Henry - love it! Nice list of "H's"