Sunday, August 02, 2009

B is for.......

Continuing my alphabetic blogging of gratefulness... today's letter is B...

Beards... well, specifically, one beard. Belonging to my beloved spouse of 22 years. I've never known him without one. I love him and his beardliness!

Beth... a caring, ready-for-God's-next-big-thing, 18-year old. Proud of you, sweetie!

Birds... we have a huge variety of birds in our backyard. The Carolina wrens are raising their second brood of the summer in the birdhouse. The purple finches and gold finches are introducing their winglets to our birdbath and bird feeder. The sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, catbirds, mockingbirds, swallows, and robins are in the yard every day. And the hummingbirds stop by frequently to tank up from one of our feeders, or to care for our butterfly bushes. Pretty cool, creative, stuff, God. Thanks!

Butterflies... Both the biological and the spiritual ones in my life. I was an SD for the winter Chrysalis Flight #56 in February. It was a privilege to watch God work through the team and in individual butterflies' lives. And I continue to pray for them!

Boy Cats... We have two in kitty heaven: Klibban, the ring-tailed rabble-rouser, who was our first "baby". And then Clyde, the reformed barn cat with a snaggle tooth, scarred ear, and cross-eyes who was an incredible lover, not a fighter. Now we have King Henry the first who (tries to) rule the roost. And he has his own blog with Tiria HERE!

Bread... I enjoy baking bread, though most of the home-made loaves recently have been under the direction of Reedy Girl, who is quite an excellent baker at 14 years of age! There's nothing like that 'come-hither' smell as the loaf begins to crust over and brown. We tend towards "the-whiter-the-bread-the-sooner-you're-dead" bread. Recipe for the family favorite (non-bread machine) is HERE! That Jesus used the metaphor of bread to describe the life-giving gift of the Cross has always spoken volumes to me...

Books... Love them. Tons. I'm getting more serious about reading "non-school" books, which includes non-pastoring books, too. Recently I read The Other Preaching in Lynchburg by John Killinger, which was a snarky, angry memoir and could have used a better editor and a whole lot more grace in its pages. But I wonder if sometimes the truth isn't easier to just shell out in his unvarnished way. And I'm in the middle of Waiting for an Ordinary Day: The Unravelling of Life in Iraq by Farnaz Fassihi, the Wall Street Journal's Iraq correspondent. It is from the view of the Iraqi people, not the military, but it does offer a lot to think about. This fall members of our church are doing a Jane Austen book club and while I will miss some of the sessions because of my class, I fully intend to read along with them.

Blessings... there are so many in my life I am grateful for. Healthy kids. Great husband. Nice home. Rain. Sun. Central air conditioning and running water. Utilities. Even my computer. Things I take for granted but are forgotten as the blessings they really are.

Blogging... I didn't realize when I started journaling years ago that I would ever do this in an on-line fashion. But I continue to find cyber-friends, connect with old friends, and pursue living life with God's power and strength. It's an amazing journey.

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Mompriest said...

Fresh baked bread was one of the themes of my sermon today...some said it made them hungry :-)

FaBulous B's!