Thursday, August 06, 2009

F is For....

Gratefulness for thing that start with F.....

Family... my parents, sibs, spouse and kids. I have been blessed with a great family. They are among my biggest cheerleaders and confidantes. Growing up with six siblings, life was frequently crazy, usually busy and lots of fun.

Friends... Yeah. Those too.

Flowers... Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "The AMEN! of nature is always a flower." I agree. (Well, except for ragweed. Can't really put that in the same category.)

Fresh fruits and vegys... We're in one of my favorite seasons of the year - fresh fruit and vegy season. Nom. nom. nomnomnomnommmm!!!

Freedom... I am an avowed pacifist, but I do not take my freedoms for granted. And I do pray for the end to war and the safety of those who are in the war machines of this world.

Until tomorrow...

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