Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And.... Ze last!! blogging gratitude...

Z is for...

Geesh. Ending with an "easy" one, huh?


Zinnias.. Easy to grow and in a multitude of colors. Mine were rabbit food this year lil varmints!) so they didn't do so well. But I enjoy watching them sprout and grow. One of the few things I can grow well. I love flowers like zinnias which don't have a strong odor, but still have bright colors.

Zig Zag... My life has been kind of like a zigzag... This is my third go-round in the halls of higher education. I didn't expect that I would really and truly see this dream come true. But it is... Amazing!!!

Zoe... the Greek word for life. I am someone who enjoys living. I have faced difficult questions, hard decisions, frustrating circumstances... but I am blessed. As long as I am breathing, I intend to live!! So many people give up or don't look at life as an opportunity, or an adventure. I'm not stupidly Pollyanna -- sometimes life does suck. But I thank God for life!

My 88 key Zither... OK, it's a piano. But I love playing it. (Wait... did I mention this under "P"?? Oh well.)

Zero Mostel... "tragedy tomorrow... comedy tonight!" Life is too short to dwell on the things that tick you off. (Hellloooo??? Serena?) So laugh a little. It keeps your blood pressure down.

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