Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Five: Seasons Change and So Did I

Singing Owl from RevGalBlogPals writes:

Let us fear the LORD our God, who gives autumn and spring rains in season, who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest. Jeremiah 5:23b

The Autumnal Equinox has just come 'round again. I took a look back at our Friday Fives and noted that it always seems to make the Rev Gals and their Pals think of changes.
There is something so nostalgic about this time of year, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. The nights grow cooler, crops are harvested, for some of us the leaves are beginning to change colors. The scent of smoke is in the air, pumpkins are in the stores (or on wagons, or in roadside stands for those of us in the country). I'm thinking of putting away my summer clothes and pulling out the sweaters. And I have a tub of Fall-themed items that my husband just lugged up from the basement. I'm looking for my scarecrow.

For this week, let's share some memories along with some hopes and expectations:
*~* since I'm headed out on a retreat in *~*
*~* just a few hours, my blog is mostly pictures *~*
*~* this week *~*

1. Share a Fall memory. Going here and doing this...

2. Your favorite Fall clothes--(past or present)? Hands down... it's this sweatshirt!

3. Share a campfire story, song, experience...etc. The joy of s'mores for my kids! (This gal isn't mine, but I love her expression as she contemplates the sticky joys ahead...)

4. What is your favorite thing about this time of year? The scenic beauty everywhere!

5. What changes are you anticipating in your life, your church, the season changes and winter approaches? We are adjusting to one less child in the house as The Johnnie is settling into college life and Reedy Girl is a high school student. It's a shift from parenting two at home, to parenting one at home and coaching one at a distance!

Bonus: What food says "AUTUMN" at your house? Recipes always appreciated.

It's almost SQUEEZO season! We have plans to make applesauce this year -- made easier once my husband discovered you could take off the handle and attach a cordless drill to the corkscrew... and away we squeezo!!! (It's also good for making tomato sauce, fruit puree for jellies, etc.)


P.S. Double bonus points if you caught the song reference... :)


Purple said...

I see a theme in #1 and #2. ***Smiles***

Love the picture play.

altar ego said...

Great, great, great! Love the picture story-telling. And applesauce is one of the best uses for lots of apples. I can smell it cooking now! (not to mention that it's a wonderful excuse to use and smell cinnamon)

Mrs. M said...


Mompriest said...


Auntie Knickers said...

Mmmm, applesauce. As for the bonus points -- I'm old, I had to Google. I'm guessing the U2 song, but there's also one by a group called In Grey that has that line. Excellent play!

SingingOwl said...

Lovely play! The pic of you in the OHIO sweatshirt is so cute!

Sarah said...

Mmm, love the pic of the cider press! Thank you for sharing your pics and that was a GREAT way to play!

Deb said...

Buzzzzz.... Actually it was The Guess Who a rocker band from the 70s.