Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good stuff!

Last week I had lunch with a friend at a local Greek restaurant. I brought home a take-out order of baklava, figuring that it would be a yummy dessert for dinner that night. (Besides, who can eat a WHOLE order of baklava???) I figured I would get to split it with the Bearded Brewer, since most of the time our girls are not adventurous when it comes to desserts. Since The Johnnie was on campus, we only had to split it three ways, and gave Reedy Girl a taste. To our surprise, she thought it was wonderful!

She liked it so much, that she decided to find out how hard it would be to make it at home. The next day she did a web search for a recipe and decided she could easily make a batch. She came up with her shopping list, conscripted Bearded Brewer to get what was needed, and made a batch completely on her own this afternoon!

She did it all - chopped the nuts, rolled out the phyllo dough, created the layers, and made the sweet topping. We sampled it tonight at dinner... It was amazing!

Here's a photo journal.

Reedy Girl demonstrating the thinness of phyllo dough!

The first layers in the pan...

She is totally focused on separating the layers of phyllo dough!

And... here it is! Fresh out of the oven!

This is one proud pastry chef!

I don't think I would have tackled this with the confidence that she did. It's pretty cool. Kudos to our pastry chef! (And if you get over here fast, you just MIGHT get a sample!)


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