Friday, September 11, 2009

It's after midnight so it's the FRIDAY FIVE: PJs edition

Sophia of RevGals writes...

As the weather cools off into a lovely fall, my son and daughter are rediscovering their joy in cozy footed "pajammies"--though not to sleep in. They love to hang out in the pjs before bed or in the morning, but when it's time to actually sleep they strip to their skivvies! Good thing they finally have their own rooms, now that they are getting older.

Without going to TMI land, share with us your sleepwear memories and preferences....
1. What was your favorite sleeping attire as a child? And did you call them pjs, pajamas (to rhyme with llamas), pajamas (to sort of rhyme with bananas), jammies, or ???
JAMMIES!! and sometimes, PJs. Favorites were usually flannel. In the summertime, babydolls.

2. Favorite sleepwear put on your own little ones, or perhaps those you babysat? (Bonus points if you made it). Those little footie pajamas (though they were lousy for midnight diaper changes). No, I didn't make them. I think I made one outfit for my kids before they outgrew them. (As in, I cut out the pattern and didn't get it finished before they were too big for it. And my kids are 4 years apart. Sad.)

3. How about today-do you prefer nightgown, pajamas, undies, or au naturel? Without turning PJs into PG... Men's pajama pants (because they have pockets!!! WHY don't women's pajama pants have pockets????????) and usually a camisole. In the winter a T shirt.

4. Silky smooth or flannel-y cozy? Cooler weather, more flannel-y.

5. Socks or bare feet? bare feet... but my "wicked-good" slippers are not far.

Bonus: Funny story regarding sleepwear (or the lack thereof). Well... to keep it PG, let's just say it included a pre-dawn fire alarm, buckets of water and a polaroid camera... and best of all, it didn't happen to ME! (heeeee heeee....)



Processing Counselor said...

I liked your bonus!

Mompriest said...

Oh, I could have told some slumber party stories - but they were all mean - 9th grade, freezing bras - not me, others.

good play.

QuakerPastor said...

Good play--I'll be wearing jammies to watch the football game tomorrow. These 8:00 p.m. games are killers for preachers who often do sermon prep on Sunday mornings!

angela said...

Wicked Good, that's the name of the slippers I like in winter too.